Frequently asked quesitons

How often should I use Sterile Saucers?

A Sterile Saucer disinfection will last as long as you don't re-introduce bacteria, virusues or germs onto the surface or space in which you are occupying.

Anytime you believe a space requires a quality disinfection and removal of pungent smells

What is a Sterile Saucer and what makes it so unique?

A Sterile Saucer is a quater sized, portable disinfection product that kills bacteria, germs, and viruses (including COVID) within 60 seconds and also eliminates the most pungent of smells. The technology and safety behind our product is trusted and proven- the disinfection compound used in our saucer is so safe that every municipalites drinking water in Canada uses the same process of sterilization.

How many Sterile Saucers do I need for my space?

Sterile Saucers are avalible in two sizes (4g, 20g)
4g Saucer: 100 square foot coverage
20g Saucer: 400 square foot coverage

How do I prepare my space before using a Sterile Saucer?

- Put open food away in a closed container until after the disinfection process is complete. - Ensure all windows and doors within the space are closed and contained

How exactly does the disinfection process work?

Once our Sterile Saucers are activated, the saucer undergoes a chemical reaction: instant fumigation expels the disinfectant agents into the air; ready to attack and decompose all opposing microbes and then dissolving themselves into natural components of our ozone leaving no remnants/carcinogens or film behind. After the disinfection process is complete (minimum of 2 hours) simply pour out the solution and enjoy your sterilzied and fresh space.

Is Sterile Saucers regulated, tested and certified for consumer use?

Yes, Our Sterile Saucers are regulated, tested and certified for safe use. Our product is EPA proven to kill all bacteria, germs and viruses (including COVID) within 60 seconds. Our Saucers are currently going through the Health Canada regulatory certification which is held to the highest standards of testing and product safety. **MSDS is sanctioned and can be requested upon notification**

What methods of payment do we currently accept?

Currently, we are only accepting E-transfer as payment
**credit and debit card payment coming soon**