Certified Sterile Spaces

Provide peace of mind to your customers by displaying a Sterile Spaces Certified sign in your store window. 

Disinfection Made Easy.

Give your team, loved ones and community peace of mind. Nobody wants to have their face inches away from dangerous bacteria and sanitation wipes simply doesn’t compare to fogging. Fogging releases a consistent and evenly distributed stream of powerful disinfecting droplets into the air which settle on and wrap around every nook and cranny unlike other cleaning practices. Our fogging service kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria instantly to keep your property safe and clean. 

The Science Of Fog

Our natural range of disinfectants that kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that are both on Health Canada’s Covid-19 list and are also healthy and safe for the people that will be occupying the spaces. We apply disinfectants by using electrostatic sprayers, cold and thermal foggers that spread microns of disinfectant via droplets or fog that bind to surfaces and kill any virus that may be present by rupturing those cells.

Sterile Spaces Botanical Disinfectant Solution is a great choice for hazard-conscious or environmentally sensitive settings. How efficiently does this professional-grade product work?

- Kills 99.99 percent of viruses in one minute.
- Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria in two minutes.
- Kills 99.99 percent of fungi and molds in three minutes.
- Kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis in three minutes.

Provide your Customers with Peace of Mind

Your customers want to know your business is a safe space for them to visit.

By providing them with proof through QR code scanning they can quickly and easily see that your space has been properly sterilized through fogging disinfection and is a safe space to do business. 

How it Works

Sterilize Your Space

We will sterilize your space killing 99.99% of bacteria.

Custom QR Code

Your store will receive a unique QR code that can be scanned by any smart phone camera. 

Instant Proof

Once scanned, the user will be taken to a web page that shows important details like when the last clean was and if it's Sterile Spaces Certified.

QR Code Example

Scan the QR code below to see what will be shown after scanning one of our QR Codes. If you are already on a mobile device click here to see the example.

Certify your Space Today with Sterile Spaces

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