Your Safety Is Our Priority 

Frequently disinfecting your space is stressful.
Our revolutionary product "Sterile Saucers"
provides you the freedom you deserve.  

We want you to feel at ease knowing
your space is certified safe.


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Founded in Markham, Sterile Spaces has been locally owned since the beginning. We take pride in keeping your space bacteria, virus and odour free, ensuring your space is certified safe. Supporting our customers across Ontario is our #1 priority, which is why we offer a 2 in 1 product that allows anyone the ability to kill bacteria & viruses and eliminate harmful odours such as mold. 

Beyond this, our product meets EPA standards for containing ingredients that are safe for human health and for protecting the environment which includes practices that reduce, eliminate, or prevent harm at its source. We want our customers to have the future of disinfection and odour elimination in the palm of their hands. After all, your safety is our priority and that's our mission at Sterile Spaces!  





Davis Brown

Employee: ÜBER  (Toronto,ON)

Driver/ Ride-hailing service

"The quality of disinfection and odour elimination is excellent. As an Uber driver, my vehicle needs to be safe for all to occupy. For me, it's the simplicity of use and quality of the product... After a long day on the road that last thing I want to spend my time on is disinfecting my vehicle, this is where Sterile Saucers shine! I grab my saucer, pour a little water into a container and drop the saucer inside.. my job is done within seconds. The next day, I pour out the solution and i'm on the way to pick up a customer knowing my space is bacteria, viruses and odour free"


Kirk Anastasiadis

Owner: Burger Burger  (London,ON)


"As a restaurant owner, it was of vital importance that our customers and staff felt safe when dining. At first, we hired a cleaning team to disinfect our space during non operational hours. The cleaning team would use harsh, toxic disinfectant chemicals to sterilize our kitchen and dining areas. The strong stench of chemicals and filmy residue that was left behind was extremely unappealing to us and more importantly our customers. I thought to myself their must be a better option, that's when we discovered Sterile Spaces. The product used is EPA certified meaning its biodegradable (green standard product) non toxic and leaves no filmy residue behind. Sterile Saucers are affordable (unlike most cleaning services) and are simple for anyone to use.. the power to disinfect and protect is in our hands!!" 


Adam Chapman

CEO: Pad Pal   (Ottawa,ON) 

Home Services

"At PadPal we offer a variety of services to ensure a one stop shop for our customers needs. I like the fact that Sterile Saucers are the epitome of versatile by offering a 2 in 1 product that can be used in a variety of spaces to kill bacteria, viruses and eliminate harmful odours such as mold. We felt so confident in the product that we partnered with Sterile Spaces and now offer this product to our customers in Ottawa. Sterile Saucers are the future of disinfection and odour removal, we are proud to be apart of this revolutionary product"

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100% Satisfaction

Locally Owned

EPA Certified

It's important your space is safe. If you're not happy, we will change that.

We owe a lot to our customers across Ontario. We are proud to put Markham ON, on the map.

Our product is safe for all to use, certified to protect the health of people and the environment 

Sterile Spaces Pillars of Excellence